A 2 decade success story
in a 25 year
digital world.

Oxygen Group

Oxygen is South India’s most reputed and highly rated retail chain for digital products. It has long-standing associations with the leading brands of the digital world. Almost a decade ago, when the digital revolution swept across Kerala, Oxygen Digital Shop rode the crest of this revolutionary wave by bringing customers the latest technology products and fully meeting customer expectations and aspirations. Today, Oxygen enjoys the firm loyalty of over 20,00,000 customers.

The origins of Oxygen Group can be traced back to the late 1990s in Kanjirappally, a plantation town in Central Kerala, where an young entrepreneur, Mr. Shijo K. Thomas, now the CEO of Oxygen Group began the first outlet, OZONE SYSTEMS, for the distribution of digital products.

Led on by a fresh entrepreneurial spirit, he and his enthusiastic team expanded the business step by step to nearby cities and towns like Kottayam, Changanacherry, Kattappana and Alleppey.

Brand Philosophy

“How dull it is to pause, to make an end,
To rust unburnish’d, not to shine in use!"
- Lord Tennyson, Ulysses

Yes, the team at Oxygen Group loves to take calculated risks. They are led forward by a dream of entering unchartered territories and discovering new growth possibilities! This pioneering attitude helped them enter the business of digital products as early as 1999 in Central Kerala. It also fuelled the team to subsequently enter into the retail of laptops, smartphones and televisions. The business group can claim itself to be a trailblazer in the digital products retail market of Kerala, with its track record of 20 years.

Oxygen Group believes in keeping its finger on the pulse of market trends and making informed decisions on business expansion. This modern, innovative attitude has enabled the business group to showcase the latest products and technologies to its customer, and thus stay ahead of customer expectations. The advantage of being a front runner has given the first mover advantage to Oxygen. Today, the business group is eager to expand its digital footprint into newer markets, while offering added value to the customer.

The brand with a heart

Even when achieving phenomenal business growth, Oxygen also nurtures a soft, gentle heart deep within. When expanding into new territories, it sponsors the educational needs of deserving yet underprivileged students in that region.

Laptops have been given away to financially backward, yet studious students in Nedumangad and Pattom in Trivandrum as well as in Kottayam.





The organization is led forward by a grand VISION to usher in more fun, convenience and prosperity into people’s lives.


It is fuelled by a MISSION to become the most trusted retail chain for digital technology products in South India.


Ever since inception, Oxygen Group has upheld ethical principles and strictly abided by Government regulations.


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